My name is Kaitlin, and my spanish name was Mica. 

I had a really good time at Guadalajara Mexico. 

The mission trip started at 7/27 and ended at 8/2. 

My favorite thing to do there was being in praise team. 

I was a motion leader and at the same time a vocalist. 

The most memorable thing was how I met Eunice and Daniel. 

I really had a fun time with them. 

Also we had quiet time during Q.T. 

We would read the bible and share verses together. 

The most memorable bible verse to me was “Serving me is easy, and my loads is light” 

Also I ate many different types of food but my favorite was kimchi Tacos. Yummy!! 

It was really good. 

Overall I really enjoyed this mission trip to Mexico. 

I really want to go next year but it’s ok if I can’t but I really liked it there! The End!!

-Kaitlin/ 가현/ Mica